The Annual McGraw-Hill Promotes Itself Awards…

The results are in for the annual Architectural Record/Business Week Awards (sponsored by those young upstarts at the AIA )…I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats for months over this.

The awards are bestowed upon architects and clients who ” best utilize good design to achieve important objectives for organizations” Better business through architecture. For the most part, the recognized projects are pretty safe. Nothin groundbreaking or revolutionary…thats not to say they’re bad, of course.

Personally, I think MoMAQNS is one of the greatest new New York Buildings in recent memory, and deserves all the attention it gets. It was built quickly, it meets the needs of the museum, (although the space is limited) its versatile, and its iconic. The blue exterior and huge graphic signage read from the subway, and pasted across the entrance gave the museum a much-needed image overhaul. Not only that, but the QNS location seems to have encouraged growth among the local art community.

Bravo Michael Maltzan.