Charles Gwathmey is a scary, scary man…

If i have to wait until I’m this old to be a rockstar architect, there’ll be hell to pay.

Here, the corpse-like Charles Gwathmey, of Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, stands stoically atop his new vomit-inducing “Sculpture for Living” in Astor Place. New York Magazine uses the under-construction building to speculate on the future of “condo-couture,” in an article that reveals which architect “favors tweed blazers with elbow patches and ties with prints of crickets and rhinos, often the work of his good friend Ralph Lauren…”

Oh, and “sculpture” apparently now means “out-of-scale, boring, repeating slabs with curved edges.”

Condo-Couture…I’m can’t decide if I love that phrase or hate it.

umm….Love it.

update: is this photoshopped? no hard hat? different lighting conditions?


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Vomit-inducing is right! Now he’s trying to build the same hideous building on a beautiful old block in the West Village. Somebody please stop this guy! NO VARIANCE!

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