Art Abandoned by MoMA?

Tired of all the praise the new MoMA is getting? Then you might be interested in what Hilton Kramer, of the New York Observer, has to say.

An Exerpt:

“The first and gravest of our disappointments is with the ill-conceived architecture. Yoshio Taniguchi’s redesign has at every turn in its cold and elephantine structure the look and feel of a Japanese parody of the kind of American modernism that has itself long outlived its expiration date…”


Kramer continues to criticize not only the museum, but also its curator, John Elderfield. I haven’t seen enough of the building yet, to really form an opinon on the architecture, but i do agree with Kramer’s criticism of the subject-oriented organization the galleries. So much of Modern Art was a reaction against what came before, that to show it out of any sort of historical context seems somewhat inappropriate.

One reply on “Art Abandoned by MoMA?”

Post-Modern curation for Pre-Post-Modern work in a modern building is inappropiate then? FINE!

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