Will Cedric Price’s “Fun Palace” Finally be Realized in Berlin?

Although, that might well be a misnomer. My new favorite weekly, “Building Design” has a great story about what seems to be an otherwise little-publicised event in old East Berlin. The conference, “Fun Palace 200X”, was held in the partially demolished Palast der Republik, the former East German Parliament Building, and attended by architects, anthropologists and social geologists. (I’m assuming they first removed all gutter punks and squatters)

The conference takes its name from Cedric Price’s Fun Palace project, (1961-4) a building “conceived as a highly serviced fun fair.” Users are able to tailor the building to their specific needs, a feature inviting architects to consider the Fun Palace as a possible model for 21st Century Cultural Center. Potential exists for the Palast to become a sort of architectural ready-made, whose monumental structure could served as a frame for a new, unpredictable building type.

I’ve been to this building, and it. is. enormous. and awesome. (thats my professional opinion) Gutting it would create what i’m sure would be a truly sublime space – especially once new ad-hoc structures begin appearing within it. Alas, methinks it will never happen.