Grimshaw’s Life-size Ship In A Bottle

The last of the British tea clippers, the 135 year old Cutty Sark will soon be undergoing a complete restoration, and Grimshaw architects have been given the task of designing a temporary enclosure to house the boat during this process. Hugh Pearman describes head Architect, Chris Nash: “He was born by the sea: his childhood was filled with the sound of foghorns…” Surely this man was put on the earth to create giant, inflatable boat condoms. Actually, the enclosure is built from the Swiss-invented “Tensarity” structural system of rigid pneumatic beams. (The twelve year old in me is cracking up at “rigid pneumatic beams”) This has potential to be an exceptional project, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Do you love beer, inflatable buildings, and live in the UK? Then check this out

A great article and an overall great website by Hugh Pearman