Manhattan’s Golden Gate Park

Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, perhaps best known for wrapping the Reichstag, will be lining the paths of Central Park with 7500, 16 ft high gates. The gates will be spaced 12 feet apart, line 23 miles of footpaths, and support hanging, saffron-colored fabric panels. Those walking along the paths will stroll beneath a waving, golden ceiling, while warm shadows spread themselves along the park ground. For those who prefer to look down upon the proletariat from their park-view apartments, the Gates will accentuate the organic forms of Olmstead’s design, implying a waving, golden river system, that will immediately prompt those Aristos to use the bathroom.

The Artists say that the creation and installation of the Gates will provide “employment for thousands of New York City Residents,” and cost the city absolutely nothing. As with all their projects, Christo and Jeanne-Claude will finance their work (and raise donations for the city) through the sale of study models and drawings. The Gates will stand in Central Park for two weeks, beginning February 7th.

More pictures and info can be found at the Artists’ website.