Prince Charles: No Friend of Modernism

Living anachronism Prince Charles, apparently holds outmoded opinions to match his outmoded job. Currently, he is at odds with Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott over a new 4000 house development to be scattered across London. The Prince of Wales, also patron of INTBAU and his own organization, the cleverly named “Prince’s Foundation,” is campaigning against modern design and prefabrication in an attempt to win the commision for his own Foundation, in conjunction with Richard Rogers.

From Prince Charles’ speech: “If we want a truly sustainable built environment, we must not let artistic abstractions override the subtle patterns of human life — the kind of fashionable obsessions that if they have no organic roots will invariably end up as expensive and incredibly wasteful mistakes some 30 years later.

Clearly this whole modernism and post-modernism thing, like rock & roll, is just a trend. I’m sure we’ll all be embracing Neo-Classicism and Lawrence Welk again in no time.

For those interested in such things, the other two firms still in the running for the housing scheme are the initial happy (1) BPTW, PCKO, Hunters & Watkins Gray and (2) CZWG with PRP Architects. A winner will be announced early next year. The full report can be found on BD.

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