The Cambridge Protests

wow. A picture of the protests against the closing of the Architecture Department at Cambridge University. It’s inspiring to see so many people rally to the cause of Architecture. Now I’m just waiting for the Che Guevara-style propaganda images of Rem Koolhaas.

Some links for you to get caught up on the story:

&#183University of Cambridge Architecture Department
&#183“Why We Must Save Britain’s Bauhaus”
&#183“Hope springs for Cambridge” from Building Design Online
&#183 an article from Architectural Record

[photo via Archinect]

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This same sort of thing happened at Kansas State a couple years before I went to architecture school there. The University was going to drop the program so a bunch of students used their t-squares like headstones, planting them in the ground near the student union with R.I.P. and other things written on them. It worked there, so maybe it’ll work in Cambridge.

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