Exciting News about the Freedom Tower Site

A disenchanting article from today’s New York Times about the technical issues surrounding the construction of the new World Trade Center. There is just so much program that needs to be a part of that site, architects and engineers are having a little trouble making it all fit. Some Highlights:

“The vexatious issue of bus parking, which stirred strong opposition last year… has been resolved for now by assigning 60 bus spaces to the B3 level under the PATH concourse and 20 spaces to the B3 level under Liberty Park.”

“[The Port Authority says] tour buses will account for roughly 75 percent of… use in the first years of operation, declining to 40 percent by 2015. The development corporation said traffic can be counted several ways, but in any case said that buses would account for no more than 57 percent of roadway use in 2009 and 12 percent in 2015.”

Now that’s some damn compelling journalism.

After a second read, there was some more exciting info hiding in the article: The working design for the 9/11 Memorial will be unveiled today.