Holiday Tips for Architects

Some indispensable vacation advice from a article:

6. Upon arrival at the hotel, inform staff and other guests of your occupation. This will allow them time to prepare for intelligent discourse in the dining room.

8. If holidaying alone, remind yourself of your occupation by looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror in an urbane manner.

10. If holidaying in the UK, wake up two hours earlier than your partner and secretly study the local volume of Pevsner’s The Buildings of Britain. Leave in a hurry after breakfast and ‘forget’ to bring it with you. During the day, offer spontaneous insights into every building you ‘stumble across’. Later, over dinner, you can both check in Pevsner to see if you were right.

18. If planning time on the beach, calculate the projected sweep of the sun with an electronic sextant before erecting a self-designed polymer parasol.

19. Do not arrive too early when catching a train/plane/coach/boat. Remember, you are an architect. It will not leave without you.

from via ArchNewsNow