Holy Toledo, It’s a Slow News Day

I was thinking about my upcoming trip back home, and thought I would briefly mention the new Glass Museum being built there. Toledo, Ohio used to be the nation’s #1 producer of glass and glass products…hence, the clever nickname “Glass City,” and the incredibly diverse collection of glass art in the TMA. (considered to be one of the two most important in the world.) A few years ago, the museum decided to construct a new building to house this collection, and hired Tokyo-based architectural firm SANAA, led by Kasuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, to design the new structure. During November of last year, ground was broken on this project, Sejima’s first American commision. There was a lot of initial controversy over the siting of the museum so close to a historic district, and as a result, construction progress has been terribly slow. Things are moving better now (so I’m told) and I hope to have more information and photos right around Christmas, so stayed tuned…

When I was growing up in Toledo, the museum was my one cultural refuge, and I hope this new building will get the TMA the recognition it deserves. The permanent collection is world-reknown and includes Thomas Cole’s “The Architect’s Dream,” and the beatiful museum campus includes a University building by a pre-Bilbao Frank Gehry.

A more informative article at Art Museum Network News.