Getting Drunk with Adolf Loos

adolf loos american bar
[Adolf Loos, The American Bar (1908)
Textbook-style photos of Loos’ American Bar. As you can see, the exterior of the American Bar is ugly as hell. Just ugly enough for me to love it. The inside is the smallest place I’ve ever had fun in…except for that closet at Allison Malone’s 16th Birthday party. Seriously though, its pretty damn small. After passing through a surprisingly awkward vestibule that initially sends the visitor behind the bar, we entered a room we found to be almost uncomfortably crowded with only 15 people in it.

The lower portion of the walls lined with dark mahogany panels, while mirrors are gracefully mounted along the upper perimeter. Most of you have probably seen pictures, but the mirrors really do give the illusion of being in a space much bigger. Every column in the space appears to be perfectly square and of equal proportion, but this is again a trick of the mirrors. Considering its size, the American Bar is an amazing space. Comfortable, elegant, and like the Moller House, the proportions are perfect.

The drinks were well prepared, although a bit expensive, and they were unfortunately served by an asshole of an Austrian bartender who pretended not to be able to understand the German accent of my (exceptionally beautiful) host. Oh well, its always fun to get drunk at an architectural landmark.

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