About as legit as the war

So I got this email yesterday, and I at first dismissed it as spam. It still might be spam, but it’s worth taking a look at. It seems that there is another preemptive American action – the competition to design an Iraq War Memorial. The entries thus far are ridiculous highly conceptual and intellectually provacative – George Bush Standing on a thousand copper skulls, for instance. They range from the sarcastic to the sacrilegious, and If one certain entry wins, there’ll definitely be no argument over whether or not the new memorial is a piece of shit.

The deadline for this *ahem* “competition” is March 23rd, so get cross-eyed drunk, let out your inner Maya Linn, and see what happens…

National Iraq War Memorial Council

3 replies on “About as legit as the war”

The Vietnam Memorial was designed by Maya Lin, not Mya Linn, who, remarkably, did something that actually expresses real feelings and can be related to by us all.

The idea of an Iraq memorial is actually not a bad idea, but you can bet if it is done while the scum are in power, it will be as phony as everything else they have done.

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