Everyday is like Sunday

More weekend randomness…

Chris Johnson’s Portraits of American Mass Consumption. – via Future Feeder

Also from Future Feeder – some Links to innovative fabrication materials.

Click here for a brilliant rendition of Brian Wilson’s “Surf’s Up” performed by Al Pagano. And if you haven’t bought “Smile” yet, BUY IT! It’s perfect.

This weekend I introduced myself to Herman Hesse by reading his “Journey to the East.” If you can get past the mysicism and spritual reflection, I think anyone who has ever worked in any sort of creative profession will be able to relate to the dilemas of Hesse’s fictional doppelganger. Plus, you can read it in a few hours. If any of my friends are reading this, I can almost guarantee you’ll like it.
…That’s not true at all.

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Al’s cover is a sonic masterpiece. I felt like I was orgasming for 4 minutes and twenty-nine seconds.
P.S. All hail Satan!

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