Loose Links Sink Ships

Tonight, I’m going to see the INTERPOL + BLONDE REDHEAD show. I’m really looking forward to it. I love Blonde Redhead, and I’ve recently warmed to Interpol. Until their newest album, they just sort of seemed like a Joy Division (sans authentic melancholy) rip off to me. Actually, I still kind of think of them in that way, but now I’ve embraced it. Album reviews can be found here and here.

Anyway, today I’ll just be listing some links from around the web for your weekend enjoyment.

This Summer, BMW office workers will be cursing the name “Zaha Hadid.” Her new BMW building in Leipzig puts blue collar and white collar workers in the same conditions. Travesty! -BD Online

Michael Maltzen exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. I’m not much for L.A., but I have to admit, I love Maltzen’s work. -via ArchNewsNow

The Incredible photography of Michael Wesely.

ICON’s February issue is online. Great Articles! I don’t know how I didn’t check this sooner. This issue looks like it was tailor made for me. A discussion of the work of Lacaton + Vassal If you read this site, you know I love their work. Guerilla Design! Get dressed up in your orange-vest camo. The modernism of Disney’s Incredibles. The architecture in that movie really stands out. Perfectly exaggerated 1960’s superheroic idealism.

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