Room at the top?

In another article from BD, Catherine Croft looks at the progress woman architects have made thirty years after Scott Brown’s “Room at the Top.” Sadly, it still seems like the most succesful woman architects still have to dodge prejudice by hiding behind ambiguous firm names. Included in this group is Kazuyo Sejima, under her own name only “used to do very small housing projects by herself.” Now, all her projects are as part of her firm, SANAA, and she doesn’t want these labelled as being “buildings by women”. (note: my home town, Toledo, Ohio gets mentioned!)

Denise Scott Brown herself, although a partner of Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates since 1969, didn’t get the proverbial “name on the door” until 1980. Other architects discussed in the artidle are Anne Lacaton of my recent favorite firm, Lacoton + Vassal, Lise Anne Couture of Asymptope, Kerstin Thompson of KTA, and Marie-José van Hee.