Spain’s block by block Renaissance

In an article on the chromatically agressive, ( I think I’m allergic to that blue!) Leigh Newman considers Spain’s embrace of contemporary architecture as a means for the country to reinvent itself. Recently, the Spanish government has been “pouring money into cutting-edge museums, performing-arts spaces, and convention centers.” As a result, once neglected areas of smaller cities are now booming, and more importantly, “hip.” Gehry and Bilbao get the obligatory mention, but the article focuses more on the recent developments in Barcelona and other smaller cities throughout the country. It’s great to see modern architecture not only attract tourists, but also inspire locals. Architects of note currently building in Spain include Herzog & de Meuron, Peter Eisenman, Jean Nouvel and architect du jour Santiago Calatrava. The article goes into a lot more detail concerning the projects by these guys, so just go read it.

*Included is a “rip-and-go guide” on “how to do the new Spain,” and convienently “including affordable hotels” step 1: get her drunk on sangria…

sometimes the (bad) jokes write themselves. via Archinect