Chinese Architecture by Chinese Architects

“Duchamp marrying a Chinese painting marrying urbanism producing a child that could be called contemporary Chinese architecture.” This is how Chinese Architect Chang Yung Ho describes his work. In fact, his drawings demonstrate the joint influence of the international modern and the chinese tradition – computer renderings incorporated into chinese rice paper paintings. To really drive home the Duchamp reference, The Xishu Bookstore (pictured) – sitting in an otherwise banal Beijing industrial block- uses a bicycle as its basic structural influence. Xishu was the first project to draw attention to Ho’s firm, Atelier FCJZ. In the last 10 years, FCJZ has really taken off, with nine building due to break ground this year. Chang Yung Ho has also just been appointed chair of MIT’s school of architecture, and has the distinction of being the first Mainland chinese architect to work overseas, with projects in Korea, Japan, and the chinese National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

It’s nice to see that the big names haven’t completely taken over China!

Atelier FCJZ