Clothing as shelter and other news…

Artists Ana Rewakowicz believes in the potential for clothing to act as a kind of portable architecture, as illustrated in this dress/sleeping bag. “The artist’s concept evolves around the idea of clothing as portable architecture and brings our individual needs to the basic, everyday experience of survival and “you never know WEAR?” situations. -via Near Near Future

Architecture’s enfant terrible, Will Alsop, is opening up shop in Toronto, in the wake of the success of his radical Sharp Center. It seems he’s a sucker for cites that are down-and-out. In response to the news, giant teddy bears are crossing the ocean to be near him.

Prince Charles is at it again.“We must come to regard the characteristics of traditional architecture as not merely unfashionable political statements, to be thrown out with yesterday’s rubbish along with the baby and the bathwater, but rather as organically adapting creation over the passage of time, helping us to generate and regenerate places that relate to our essential humanity.” And just last November, Charles was speaking out against modern architecture in support of a new London housing development. This guy really hates contemporary design. -via The Guardian