something something thomas mayne

I know it’s late, but I don’t really care too much…

Watch out for this 61 year old “Maverick Architect!”

ps: I don’t like morphosis

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here, here. morphosis, shmorphosis.

i was asked by one of my reporter friends: “I’m curious to hear from John on the high school design that won the big prize…”

my response: “well first of all, an architect wins the pritzker for a body of work – not one particular building. it’s kind of a lifetime achievement award. that said, like most students, i went through a morphosis (that’s the name of thom mayne’s – this year’s model – firm) phase in college but it quickly passed. and especially since i’ve been practicing pretend architecture for a living, i’ve not had much use for mayne. i’m an urbanist, and his is a very suburban style. i’m not going to deny his importance – especially in architectural education – but most of his designs leave me cold.”

frankly, i was just pleased my opionion was solicited at all.

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