Will Alsop Bends it like Peckham

Will Alsop Peckham

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Things have been surprisingly busy here in old New Orleans. Plus, someone moved out of my building and took his wireless connection with him, thereby leaving me stranded without internet. Bastard.

Anyway, Will Alsop is once again building in Peckham, home of his Stirling Prize winning library. His new proposal sits directly outside the library and includes a central wall around which art installations and performances can occur, a cafe, a bookshop and “the most amazing lavatory in London.” Yes – the most dominant feautre of that scheme, the purple tower, is in fact a loo. When asked about this, Alsop said, ““we felt it should have a view and that view is up. I like the fact that Peckham is on the main flightpath to Heathrow so if you’re lucky, you will see a plane go by.”

I really want to like this project, but that image just isn’t doing it for me. Viewed from above though, the plan has a simplicity reminiscent of the Barcelona Pavillion.

– BD Online
– Alsop Architects

2 replies on “Will Alsop Bends it like Peckham”

you know, one might relate it to trying to walk down the street in a straight line and looking up at the sky. that shit is hard to do.
one might relate it to…riding a bike and looking back over your shoulder. its really hard to keep your balance. and youre sitting down!
thus, one might infer that it would be hard to aim properly at the toilet, sitting or standing, while looking up at the sky?
or not. maybe thats just me…

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