Frank Gehry on the Simpsons, Builds a Concert Hall in Springfield

Frank Gehry was a special guest voice on “The Simpsons.” In the episode, Marge writes Gehry a letter requesting that he design a new concert hall in Springfield (including a special cameo by the Gehry House). He denies her request, crumples up the letter and throws it away. Aha! Inspiration strikes! We see the crumpled paper transform into a model for a new $30 million concert hall! “Frank Gehry you’ve done it again!” The structure is built: a regular, orthagonal, gridded steel sytem? How can this be a Frank Gehry building?!? wait for it…. Cue the wrecking balls, which literally beat the structure into shape! Voila! A finer concert hall has never been built! Unfortunately, it soon becomes a maximum security prison, but you’ll just have to catch the rerun to see why!

2 Replies to “Frank Gehry on the Simpsons, Builds a Concert Hall in Springfield”

  1. I thought this was hilarious! The only other architect that would have been ripe for this mockery would have been Phillip Johnson!

  2. buscando informacion sobre Gehry para un trabajo de la uni me encontre este link.. ya recorde ese capitulo obvio q lo habia visto! lo maximo, y pienso incluirlo en mi exposicion =D

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