So much news, so little time…

Prime time for the High Line! Please let this be awesome. Official Website

Wall Street Journal’s Architecture Critic, Ada Louise Huxtable takes a depressing look at the bureaucratic nightmares sucking the life (and creativity) out of Ground Zero. I lost my appetite while reading this during lunch.

A great material resource

Electronic Cities “This unique website contains 20 case studies featuring state-of-the-art technologies and ideas shaping our urban future. Among the many subjects addressed are: ancient virtual cities, urban surveillance, thinking buildings, wi-fi, subversive gaming, gift economies and virtual graffiti.” via future feeder

Light Responsive Plastics? The other day I was thinking about the possibility that someday, way in the future, buildings would somehow organically (sort of) grow, change, and generally respond to the changing needs of occupants. Could this plastic – that changes shape according to light frequencies, be an early, early step in that direction? …and now you think I’m insane. – also via future feeder (great content lately!)

What’s up with Italy? Now onto their 60th government since WWII?!? I have no understanding of Italian politics…

Oops! Louis Armstrong’s Lost Masterpiece – via Stereogum

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Italy needed a change in government. Berlusconi was a bad man. He had too much power. Whenever the leader of a nation is also the prime operator of all the major media outlets there is bound to be trouble. Just imagine if Bush owned the New York Times, CNN, The Walstreet Journal, and Fox News. A situation like that would be comperable to what Italy has now, and they also have an older population that is less inclined to do anything about old Silvio’s abuses unless it affects their lives very directly. I am glad that he is gone. I just hope that they do better this next time around with who they put in charge. Their business world has seen about as much scandal as America’s: Parmalot(the biggest accounting scandal in Italian history), that banker that got knocked off by the mob, and a host of other smaller but equally unethical conundrums. I think that the “good old boy” business environment that the present government fosters is a direct cause of all the coruption that has been bleeding that nation dry.

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