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Will Alsop Radio Interview – A refreshingly candid interview from – an Austrian architecture program on radio orange. His favorite parts of Architecture? 1. Getting a Job. 2. Beginning a Job. 3. Partying. Other great quotes: “that’s fucking big. Shit…did I get it right?” and “architects are completely fucking stupid.” – via AnArchitecture

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  1. I think Will and I are on the same wavelength:

    “Wind is my least favorite weather condition. I hate wind.”

    Makes me wonder why I stay in Chicago…

  2. Hi guys, I am glad you enjoyed the radioshow with Will. We have a real hard time to get reviews and comments and I am glad that I have found your discussion!

    Salut David Pasek

  3. wow. that’s cool that the host left a comment! it really was a great show. keep up the good work!

    if people haven’t listened to that interview take a little time to check it out!

    and here are the apalaver archives:

    APALAVER Archives

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