Celebrity Really Can Get You Anything

For years now I’ve heard of Brad Pitt’s interest in architecture and his friendship with Frank Gehry but I’ve always just dismissed it as a celebrity’s passing fancy. Well, I guess I was wrong. The Guardian reports that the unlikely pair will be collaborating on a restaurant and penthouse in Britain. Besides his interest in design, Pitt has no real architectural qualifications – he studied journalism before breaking into hollywood – but luckily, “he has really good taste.” The dynamic duo are apparently also working on new developments in Los Angeles, with – get this – Pitt actually advising Gehry on cinema, sports hall and restaurant designs. I think Brad Pitt is an amazing actor, and I’ve come to accept Frank Gehry as an important figure in architecture, but part of me finds this whole thing completely despicable…but I also secretly think it’s completely awesome.

Oh yeah….Hayden Christensen wants to be an architect too, but at least he’s going to school for it.

Could this be the start of a massive new cultural role-reversal? Will we see Rem Koolhaas starring opposite Nicole Kidman? Will Jean Nouvel play the new villain in Spiderman 3? Will Zaha Hadid overthrow Julia Roberts as America’s Sweetheart? Only time will tell…