The "R." stands for romantic

The “R.” Stands for “Romantic”

A couple weeks ago, at a library book sale, I came across R. Buckminster Fulller’s And It Came To Pass – Not to Stay, and I just got around to reading through it tonight. The book is presented in seven sections of stream-of-conscience-like prose that is simple and – dare I say – profound. I’ve never read any of Fuller’s other books, so I’m not sure if they’re all written in this same mannner, but I was surprised to find it both accessible and enjoyable. The “planet’s friendly genius” even shows us his softer side in this passage from Section 1, “How Little I Know:”

    It is understood
    That if you know that I know
    How to say it “correctly”
    (The exact meaning of which
    I have not yet learned)
    Then I am entitled to say it
    All incorrectly
    Which once in a rare while
    Will make you laugh.
    And I love you so much
    Whenever you laugh.
    But i haven’t learned yet
    What love may be
    But I love to love
    And love being loved
    And that is a whole lot
    Of unlearnedness.

    I haven’t learned yet
    What laughter is…

Shucks, Bucky…I had no idea you had it in you. Spaceship Earth never seemed so lonely.