Wired summarizes the race for the 2012 Olympic Bid Highlighting the advances planned by the five finalists cities – New York, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, and London – in the fields of architecture, communication, transportation, and energy conservation. Ladies and Gentlemen…Place your bets now.

“Scavenger architect,” Olle Lundberg is the focus of this New York Times Article – “Architects are notoriously fond of industrial refuse…but Mr. Lundberg has taken the romance of refuse a step further by surrounding himself, at home and at work, with reclaimed materials”

After Klein A review of the current exhibit at the Barbican Art Gallery in London. Concerning the role of color as a primary element of life – as well as architecture – not simply an afterthought or decoration. The exhibit includes a short film describing the transformation of a small, battered town, brought back to life by an “extraordinary building repainting programme.”

A Daily Dose dishes out all the Pruitt-Igoe info we could want. Great links honoring the 28th anniversary of the St. Louis housing project’s destruction – Infamously marking the death of modernism.