a little studio gossip

From Eavesdrop, in The Architect’s Newspaper:

    Which widely known architect, who also fancies herself an artist, is more of a dragon lady than we ever imagined? A source tells us that staff members have been forced to call up problematic contractors and, under her watchful eye, verbally assault them with words like “asshole” and “shithead.” Uncomfortable with such tactics, we’re told the involuntary minions have resorted to calling their home answering machines and pretending they’re screaming at the intended targets until more civil contact can be made once Mommy Dearest has left the office.

Any guesses?

3 replies on “a little studio gossip”

The “dragon lady”? Is that some kind of racial slur? It is so obvious that he’s talking about Maya “who also fancies herself an artist” Lin. Now I must ask, is Aric Chen the Guttersniper, or is he just copying that creature’s style?

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