"Federal" & the architecture of politics

I regret to say that this post is probably one day too late. On Tuesday, June 29, NYC’s Storefront for Art and Architecture will open the exhibit Federal, a 24 hour film and series of photographs by Mary Ellen Carroll. The subject of this exhibition is The Federal Building in Los Angeles, designed in 1969 by architect-turned businessman-turned architect Charles Luckman, and has been referred to as “the embodiement of bureaucracy.”

From Storefront’s website:

    United States national security in the post-World Trade Center socio-political landscape focuses on surveillance and counter-surveillance, observing the need to protect these symbols of the Federal government’s authority and the public’s access to them. Over a period of several months Carroll accumulated a labyrinth of bureaucratic paperwork and media attention in order to gain permission to document the structure in this prolonged manner.

The 24 hour film started at 9am June 28 and will end at 9am June 29.

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The film will actually be screened July 28th – July 29th, not June. So in fact your post is fortuitously a month early, not a day late!

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