Never deal with shitty contractors again

This is kind of old news, but i saw just saw it, so forgive me. Mad inventor and USC professor Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis has developed what is essentially an enormous 3D printer…for buildings. The potential for this technology, dubbed “Contour Crafting,” is enormous. After installing the crane-like device that applies the concrete, most buildings can be constructed in a day – and since curved walls are no more difficult than straight walls, architects are free to design as they please. Buildings constructed with Contour Crafting will cost 1/4 the cost of a comparable “hand made” structure.

Khoshnevis – a native Iranian – was inspired to create this technology after an Earthquake in the city of Bam. Already, the possibilities have stretched well beyond emergency reconstruction, with NASA interested in utilizing Contour Crafting for use in building habitats on other planets.

Check out those animations!

via Inhabit