Not sure how i missed this, but I suppose it helps explain the recent boost in traffic: Life Without Buildings got a little write up in the May 2005 issue of Architectural Review

    “…Don’t get me wrong they [blogs] can be great. There is, for example, this architectural blog, Life Without Buildings, run by Jimmie (sic) Stamp at The opening page has this message: ‘Life Without Buildings is concerned with all things architectural, but believes that all things are architectural…at least most things, anyway. ‘ I know that’s not entirely helpful but there is intersting left-field stuff on it – for example the fact that Frank Gehry was a recent special guest voice on the Simpsons. He rejects a request from Marge and the crumpled rejected letter turns into a concert hall. Then it turns into a maximum security prison. No, I don’t know either.”

Many thanks to David at Architechnophilia for pointing this out to me! That issue had been sitting around the office for two weeks now…

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