PS1: Invasion!

A rendering of this year’s winning entry to MoMA/P.S. 1’s Young Architect Program. Entitled “Sur,” the project was designed by Hernan Diaz Alonso – principal of Xefirotarch, (what the hell?) a Los Angeles-based architecture, product, and motion-design firm. Inspired by his love of science fiction and the grotesque, the project resembles the remains of some sort of enormous mythical beast or alien creature. Like Ridley Scott’s Alien, this creature reveals itself in pieces as the visitor guides himself through the courtyard. Only at the end, the entance to PS1, do we get to see its entire form.

From an LA Times interview:

    And where do the forms come from? “I can’t tell you,” he says. “It is like trying to define to somebody why you are in love. There may be something rational, but the deep essence of it is mysterious.”

and from a Metropolis interview:

    I always joke that it’s a crossover between cartoons and amateur porn of the seventies. Porn then was trying to be serious, and at the end it was just about sex. It’s the same with this project: it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a frame for experimentation.

Sur will be open from June 26th through September. Hopefully some friends will send me some photos…

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