Taliesin in Zombie Apocalypse: Fortress or Deathtrap?

Randomly following links through the blogosphere, I find this.

    …of course, it does make the architecture come alive, worrying about hordes of zombies attacking.

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.

3 replies on “Taliesin in Zombie Apocalypse: Fortress or Deathtrap?”

that dude is 1/2 of a power couple…i wonder a)whats a power couple b) whats a power couple doing in wisconsin c)who gets to be on top in power couple sex

He neglects to mention:
“CON: Shoddy, leaky roof design allows for zombie attacks from above.”

Sara: zombies walk with a foot-dragging shuffle. there’s NO WAY they’d become airborne.
Jimmy: Forgive me and Sara, we are weak in the presence of zombie-related discussion.
Sara: did you check out the comments on that original site? These guys are dorkier than us! (remember the unicorn blood discussion?)Also!, why does it always come down to a zombies vs. werewolves discussion?
All: Civilization-ending zombie apocalypse? All bets are off, Suckas!

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