The MEME gauntlet has been thrown

Like John, who passed this along to me, I am a meme virgin. Unless you count a somewhat frustrating, somewhat drunk, bar conversation on “memes.”

…but i don’t want to think about that right now. So without further ado….

Total volume of music files on my computer:
At home: ~1.5 GB (I just wiped my hard drive to install OS X Tiger)

Last CD I bought:
Israelites – The Best of Desmond Dekker

Song playing right now:
“Road Movie to Berlin” by They Might be Giants

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

“She Sang Hymns Out of Tune” by Harry Nilsson
Nilsson doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he deserves. The man is like a perfect amalgam of McCartney & Lennon.

“Thank You For Sending Me an Angel” by The Talking Heads
An amazing way to start off their greatest album. Like some sort of insanely exuberant miltary dance. Always inspires me.

“Post-paint Boy” by Stephen Malkmus
“You’re the maker of modern minor masterpieces for the untrained eye.”
Lyrics that perfectly summarize the way I feel after my first year out of architecture school.

“John Cage Bubblegum” by Stereolab
John. Cage. Bubblegum. need I say more?

“Chimney Sweep” (live) by The Decemberists
Their concert left me abandoned in some apocryphal Victorianesque English town. Great on the cd, EPIC when performed live. This is recorded from a concert broadcast on NPR’s “All Songs Considered.” If any fellow Decemberists fans want a copy, email me.

So….who’s next? How about three guys whose sites I strongly recommend: Jay,( a fellow participant in the drunken meme conversation) Doug, and the redundantly monikered Mad Architect. Take the baton!

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awesome and crazy. this must be all over blogoshpernerville recently cuz i’ve just suddenly found it all over the place and i completed one over at buzznet, which has now exploded. thanks for passing it on to me!
yeah, i was way excited to find nacy rubins’ stuff, it is new to me but its totally along the line of others’ that i love like jessica stockholder and sarah sze.

i’ll get crackin on the meme…

Those Stereolab and Taking Heads tunes are some of my favorites by them. I’ll have to admit that I’m none to familiar with Nilsson, outside of Midnight Cowboy. I’ll have to check out some of his stuff.

Seeing Malkmus tomorrow with Yo La Tengo. Should be cool.

Great choices!

Well, I tried to get into the Battery Park show, but the police wouldn’t let anybody when I got there…at maybe 4:30. A couple of my friends were there earlier but when they left they were denied re-entry. Basically it was just a mess down there, so rather than watch from the sidelines (the police said there were too many people within the fences, but to me it looked like more people were outside looking in, not necessarily any better or safer than being in the park and away from traffic) my friends and I rode the ferry, had some beer, and enjoyed the weather.

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