Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

My very first post to Life Without Buildings – a test post, really – was about the possibility of human habitation on Mars. It seems, those “crazy kids at MIT” have taken their ideas even further, having chosen a martian site and developed a more detailed plan for settling the red planet.

Wired has a good story and some great pics (check out that pdf! LeDoux would be proud!) describing the plan of the Mars Foundation, who believe human settlement is possible in as little as 20 years. ( ! ) The Mars homestead will have large living quarters, dining areas and greenhouses with jogging paths and home-grown forests, as well as the obligatory nuclear power plant and manufacturing facilities. Inhabitants will initially live in pre-fabricated “tuna-can” habitats, while they – with the help of robots, of course – construct more permanent structures from building materials manufactured on mars.

For those aspiring asto-chefs out there, the Foundation is currently seeking ultra-efficient recipes for their “Mars Cookbook.” Submit yours today!