Chicago Skyline Redux

A Calatrava-designed concrete and glass drill bit is slated to become the newest member of Chicago’s historic Skyline. The residential highrise will be known as the Fordham Spire, and will claim the title of tallest building in the country. Developers expect Calatrava’s design (and name) to attract high-end residents such as movie stars and Fortune 500 CEOs. One more notch in the belt of architecture super-stardom. Lynn Osmond, president of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, agrees. “Every city that wants to be a significant city needs to have works of some of the significant architects.”

Right. because Chicago doesn’t already have any works by significant architects….

What’s that you say? Security Concerns? nah. Calatrava doesn’t think the slender profile is attractive to terrorists. “”Those things that were done in the Freedom Tower were for very particular reasons,” he said. “This is a completely different situation.” Donald Trump respectfully disagrees, saying, “Nobody in his right mind would build a building of that height in today’s horrible world…It’s a charade” Today’s horrible world? More inspiring words from the man who calls architects “eggheads” and wants more than anything to rebuild the twin towers.

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Ya gotta love Trump thinking that it’s insane to build higher than his Tower up the river. He builds right up to the level of insanity without crossing that delicate threshhold.

And then there’s the Alderman saying Calatrava’s design will put Chicago on the map? On the map, Chicago’s been on the map for over 100 years! That reminds me of The Daily Show’s spot on The Gates in Central Park earlier this year. The correspondent said something like “The Gates should finally put New York City on the cultural map.” Funny stuff.

Great post Jim. I am ashamed to say I didn’t even know about that. Then again, Chicago doesn’t want me in on the Architectural scene, apparently. I may be better off with an outside view. Peace, sex.

Trump’s pissed off that his own Chicago tower project is getting trumped by a higher profile architect – Calatrava, and a taller project at that. Nothing chafes his hide than being trumped.

It’s all about the business – and competition isn’t good for Trump’s own tower project, although I’ve read that his Chicago project has more than 70% of its units sold already.

Trump has the same agenda in NYC – to bring attention to himself – and that’s why he is backing the WTC II project over the Child’s Freedom Tower project on a pedestal and has lately come down hard on the UN for renovating that building to the tune of $3 billion.

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