Cool collaborations

Writers, artists, architects, unite! As part of its archrecord2 department, Architectural Record reports on a Long Island City happening that’s brought my three favorite fields together.

This past May, (old news, but still cool!) art collective, Flux Factory, paired off three young artist-designers and three noble scribes to create a temporary work/live/performance space – appropriately entitled “Novel.” Pictured above is Laurie Stone’s elegantly illuminated space, designed by Salazar Davis Architects. Also present, was the shipping-crate-ish environment of Archaeologist-turned-novelist Ranbir Sidhu, created by design group Tricky Inc, and a more organic, canvas and sod structure designed by Artist Ian Montgomery for writer-artist Grant Bailie.

The writers occupied their cocoons for one month, chainsmoking cigareettes and furiously pounding away at their typewriters while observers were presented with three semi-enclosed structures offering varying degrees of visibility. (ok – they probably weren’t using typewriters. but that would’ve been a lot more romantic. ) The permeable structures tempting the inner voyeur with stolen glances and muffled sounds.