UPDATE: National Iraq War Memorial

The winning design has been announced for the questionably legitimate National Iraq War Memorial. From the winning entry’s statment of purpose:

    This is a memorial to our soldiers. That is it. I don’t care about the politics.

    Scattered across the site will be video screens of all sizes. Displayed on these screens will be ever-changing series of photos and digital video (with audio if available) of those who died in Iraq. These images will be from their families and friends, some will be official military portraits. This memorial shouldn’t have vague symbols or angry rantings. Americans must know these soldiers. Names on a wall aren’t good enough! Visitors must see them.

If you’re looking for “vague symbols or angry rantings,” check out the competition gallery.

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2 Replies to “UPDATE: National Iraq War Memorial”

  1. Thought you might be interested to see that the competition is not over. I am curious, though, if they have permission to use the proposed site, where the funding will come from for the memorial, and why they are waiting for five years after the war ends to begin construction.

    Seems Fishy to me!

    Ms. Howe:

    Thanks for your interest in our contest. Though the contest is over, we are reworking our site to show “post-competition”
    entries. (Initially we had no plans to do so, but many people have asked us if we could present new entries). We are unaware
    of any other memorial competition.

    So please send your design, following the standards outlined on our site. And spread the word that we’re accepting new

    Thank you,

    On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 22:51 , Kate Howe

    My name is Kate Howe, I am a sculptor, and I have designed a memorial
    to the soldiers of the Iraq. I was curious, if the National
    competition is complete, are there any other memorial competitions for
    this? Will you consider reopening the competition for evolving design
    as the war continues?

    Kate Howe

  2. And they don’t have permission to build!

    Ms. Howe:

    We’re sorry but the competition is not reopened. We’re just accepting new designs to display on the site.

    Our web site and competition are a forum for ideas about the soldiers and the war. We have no permission to build on the
    Ellipse. We thought it would be an ideal location for such a memorial.

    We encourage you to submit a design.

    Thank you,

    On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 21:02 , Kate Howe

    Thanks for your quick response. Does this mean the competition is
    re-opened? Are you considering new entries, or simply posting other
    post-competition design ideas to the site? May I ask also if
    permission has been granted to build this memorial on this site? Are
    these documents available for viewing? Also, where are the memorial
    funds coming from, and how much has been raised to this point to build
    the memorial?

    Thanks very much,
    Kate Howe

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