"A Warped Perspective"

Check out this great, somewhat biographical, article on Zaha Hadid. The author briefly summarizes Hadid’s entire career and also seems to capture the personality of the architect.

Hadid herself, who is also completely clad in black, is large and voluptuous. She regularly works late into the night, her hair looks ruffled and her big, liquid eyes are heavy-lidded. The impression that she has just got out of bed is echoed by the fact that she is wearing a ring decorated with something that looks like a huge diamond-encrusted bedspring.

…During our hour-long conversation drawings and plans have mounted on her desk and a queue of thin, black-clad young assistants are waiting to see her. While I pack my bag, I hear, “I no like it! Understand? Capisc?” The assistant doesn’t reply. His face is absolutely blank and he is just nodding.

Then, a minute later, “Saleem can’t do it. He can’t model. He is hopeless. It is embarrassing. Am I really going to do a black ceiling with this s– coming out of it? I mean honestly!”

In articles like this, architects always seem to come across as incredibly eccentric asses that demand perfection. oh wait…that’s because we are.

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