A Calatrava Comparison

Grounded in zero fact, and for no reason other than it amuses me to do so, I once again present to you a possible glimpse into the inner workings of Santiago Calatrava.

The rendering at right is, of course, Calatrava’s new Fordham Spire – the feminine phallus / bold foray into hermaphroditic architecture – and the model presented at the left was designed by the arguably genius and unreasonably obscure architect Bart Prince. Prince, now based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the protege /one-time lover of equally eccentric and equally underrated architect Bruce Goff.

Information on the Prince skyskraper is hard to find, and I’ll be the first to admit that the comparison is a mostly superficial one based on the spiraling floor plates and oddly-centered antenna. Nonetheless, when I stumbled across this image while doing work-related research, I found it to be an irresistible, albeit unfair parallel that is most definitely worthy of posting to this site at 3 am on a Monday night.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Why does the Goff version feel utopian in comparison? Perhaps it is because it has the scale of a city rather than a building.

I have been enjoying the frequent posting lately, keep it up!

My first thought when I saw Calatrava’s design was that it was a cross bread between both of SOM’s Freedom Tower Designs… sort of like he was critiquing David Child’s weak attempts at design and saying “Hey David, Why don’t you plagiarize something more like this?”

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