FedEx Furniture

Heading back to school and moving into an empty apartment? Plan on spending all your limited funds on tuition, booze, and hard drugs? Well then, Jose has the answer to all your problems….or at least your furnishing dilema.

Using nothing but FedEx boxes and packaging supplies, he’s well on his way to a fully furnished packaging pad, having crafted a table & chairs, couch, two desks, and a bed. Despite several pesky attempted lawsuits, he’s still flying his flag…er, blog..under the lifestyle-affirming motto, “It’s ok to be Ghetto.” Feeling inspired yet? Well, to help get you started, the desk in the accompanying photo is made of the following:

  • 30 Large FedEx Boxes
  • 12 Medium FedEx Boxes
  • 13 Small FedEx Boxes
  • 3 FedEx Tubes
  • Plastic Shipping Pouches
  • and the all important Shipping Labels