New Orleans in Exile

Life Without Buildings has evacuated to Houston, and it looks like it’s going to be an extended stay. New Orleans doesn’t have any power or phones or plumbing or roads…or anything really. Right now, I’m sad to say it looks like things aren’t really getting any better and I’m hearing that it’ll be at least a week before I can return. Rest assured though, my family in Houston has been incredible and my extravagant southern lifestyle has continued with only a brief interuption.

My fellow refugees and I have taken this opportunity to see the Rothko Chapel, Inversion, and we made our first trip to an IKEA. Eventually, I hope to post a few images from the trip. So far, all things have been amazing, and now we’re considering continuing our journey west.

We have some time on our hands.

If anyone from the Gulf Coast is reading this, I hope you’re well. Be safe, and take your time heading back.

Posting, obviously, will be sparse to non existent for quite some time…

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Safe travels and a better return, Jimmie (sic)! The storm damage looks horrible. Did you loose much in the hurricane? I guess you have no way of knowing how your home is doing down there? Take care, from everyone at Archinect.

speechless and saddened – my heart goes out to you, your friends and the people of New Orleans.

Was wondering how you were holding up when I was on vacation this week, away from a computer. Good to hear you’re OK. Looks like you’re making the best of the situation. Take care, john.

i’ve been checking in on all those i know in n.o. hope you’ve been able to account for those you know. glad you’re safe and able to keep things going from houston. looking forward to your tracking of the rebuilding.

Good to know your spirits are up. Empty gut feeling whenever the news of Katrina comes on. Our heart goes out to all.

Welcome to H-town. It is a good city with great food. I am actually in Paris following everything going on in the South. Best wishes with all….

glad to hear you and yours are all right. hope all is well in the coming weeks and months as this tragedy continues to unfold.

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