Evacuation Day 10

The past 10 days, people have been amazing – providing clothes, food, shelter…everything. I’d like to thank the Keane Family, Kahn Family, Hodesh Family, Stamp family, Currie Family, House Family, the cities of Houston, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, and every stranger along the way who has been kind enough to help us in whatever way they’re able.

You don’t need me to tell you that things are pretty bad in new orleans right now.

It’s been a strange time. I don’t really know when i’ll be able to return to work, much less when i’ll be able to return to the city. my apartment seems to be ok and my friends are safe, but it pains me to say that some of them have been left homeless. The seriousness of this catastrophe is finally catching up with me and its unbelievably frustrating to be able to do nothing. Hopefully, in the near future, i’ll be able to be much more pro-active in my relief efforts and use this page, in some small way, to those ends.

My time in New Orleans made me a better person and hopefully i can return soon to help make it a better city. I urge everyone to help in any way they can. we’ll need it.

Red Cross
Move On
Archinect’s emergency resource

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I’m wishing all good things for you and NOLA, Jimmy. I’m glad that my hometown of Houston has been treating you well. (I think that Houstonians know that it could just as well have been them.)

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