Slowly Moving On…

Next Week, I’ll be once again visiting San Francisco. This time, to see the new de Young Museum… and start a serious job hunt. Yes, I’m sad to say that it might be time for a move. I love New Orleans, but I’ve been displaced for almost 5 weeks now. In that time, some new opportunities have become available and I feel like I need to pursue them while I can. At least just to see what’s out there; see if I can be happier in another city. Regardless of what happens though, I intend to stay involved with the restoration of New Orleans to the extent that I am able.

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hi there, am a thrid year student, just started blogging and was hopping that we could exchange link since we have the same topic – architecture. thanks, looking forward for your reply. sorry for posting in the comment section, couldn’t find your email add, do delete this post after reading. email me at for response. thank man, architecture rocks!


sf is amazing, you’ll love living here. and de young is awesome… minus the boring landscaping though.

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