A Starbucks Car(d)

I got this email today from my friend Roger:

This morning i drove up to a guy in a car at a stoplight, to tell him that he forgot his coffee cup on the roof of his car. it had been sitting there unwaivered as we traveled down market street together in the morning traffic. the guy gently cut me off as i started to speak, retorting “happy holidays from starbucks!” and proceeded to hand me a $5 gift card.

so its always nice to get free stuff, but it scared me to think that starbucks inc is actually planting “disguised” or average-looking citizens to drive around like normal with a coffee cup attached to their car to deceive the city… the nation… the world. an ingenious idea really, but i definitely felt decieved. it was a little scary.

but if you do see one around the city, stop him or her and you’ll get free stuff.

A word to the wise. Watch out for the Starbucks Gestapo. Or, if you’re like me, desperately scour the city looking for these vehicles.

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