Architecture & Hygiene

I have to thank the New York Times for introducing me to the work of architect Adam Kalkin. The article focuses on his recent work with shipping containers but that’s not what caught my attention. Kalkin’s website,Architecture and Hygiene, is a wellspring of originality and compelling material. Besides his several books, you can also buy a tennis viedo where Adam offers instruction on the forehand, and for the sinners among us Architecture & Hygiene offer a confession hotline. Come to think of it, the whole thing has a distinctly McSweeney’s kind of vibe. The last of the “spritual purchases” offered, “100 comments on architecture and hygiene,” is just that. Some of my favorites:

8. Buildings are the result of a negotiated settlement: vulgarians on one side, hysterics on the other.
23. What happens to the architecture of the lecture hall when the speaker sits in the crowd?
29. How much anarchy is good for a building? A good architect courts anarchy.
58. A policeman is a beautiful design.
79. Who removed the clown from the mythology of architecture?
89. Creativity is not a desirable trait in a philosopher.
100. Architecture engenders the threshold experience.