Federal Building Delayed, WAY Overbudget

It’s official. Thom Mayne’s San Francisco Federal Building is now 1 year behind schedule, reports theSan Francisco Business Times. That’s not the worst of it. Much like its eponymous organization, the building is having some trouble staying within the budget. Current estimates show the originally 142 millions dollar project is now 50% over budget. Project manager Nick Nolte blaims the delay on “constructability issues.” I blame the delay on the fact that NICK NOLTE IS THE PROJECT MANANGER!

seriously though…to clear up any confusion, Nolte tells us exactly what he means by contructabiliry: “Constructability is the ability of the contractor to do such things as execute the design.

huh. I can see how that might be a problem. With fingers being pointed and money being spent, the new deadline for completion is September 2006.

I’ll try and post some pics of the progress this weekend.