Product Reps and Power Point

Are they TRYING to make it look shitty? Don”t these people realize that they’re presenting to a group of people who are trained to dissect every image and object they come across – professional aestheticians who brandish opinions and criticisim like flaming swords of fury? I don’t understand why (insert vapor barrier manufacturer here) can’t invest in a some sort of graphics-oriented individual. Really, I think an intern might just be enough, and they’d probably work for beer.

Or perhaps these companies are just too hip. Maybe these presentations, with their 8 bit graphics, drop shadows, and key-lime color schemes are based on some sort of sophisticated irony or retro 80’s style that my primitive intellect just can’t grasp? Perhaps the redundancy of reciting bullet points is some sort of wink-wink-we-all-know-whats-going-on-here gesture.

Probably not.

For some truly inspired presentations, check out David Byrne’s Power Point Art.