bada bing bada bang bada BIM

The fantastic AIASF online publication, _line, have posted their new issue, discussing all things BIM. With over 15 articles on Building Information Modeling, _line brings you up to speed on BIM and answers questions you probably didn’t even know you had. Also in this issue: reviews of San Francisco’s new deYoung Museum, and a showcase of architectural drawings.

also in San Francisco, METROPOLIS Editor in Chief Susan Szenasy Moderates a Discussion on Green Topics at Winter Market 2006 in San Francisco.

    METROPOLIS editor in chief Susan Szenasy will moderate a discussion exploring sustainability and related topics with Bob Adams, head of the sustainability design practice at IDEO; Collin Burry, award-winning design principal at Gensler; Stephanie Odegard, found of Odegard, Inc; and Paul Vincent Wiseman, founder and president of interior design firm The Wiseman Group. The discussion will range from what materials to specify, to what responsibilities designers have in the green movement. “Designers are examining their processes and practices as they delve deeper into designing sustainably and are, in turn, discovering new definitions of what design is,”says Szenasy. Attend this keynote presentation on Thursday, January 26th at 10:00am in the Galleria Atrium at the San Francisco Design Center – 2 Henry Adams Street.

Another lull in blogging for me this week. It’s getting harder and harder to find the time. Too many city-ish distractions for this Midwestern/quasi-Southern boy. This weekends: The Big Wet One scooter rally. Photos sure to come.