Breaking News: Oscar Niemeyer Still Alive

I thought this was old news, but it arrived in my inbox today, and it was just too good to pass up. Apparently Oscar Niemeyer (that’s Oscar Niemeyer?!?) will be designing a monument against the US blockade on Cuba. The description is amazing:

“… the 98-year-old communist architect remains active and will design a statue showing a tiger with its mouth open and a man fighting it raising the Cuban flag.”

a couple things:
1. I’m glad to hear that Niemeyer is still “active.” I like most of his work and I’ve always thought of him as kind of a dirty-minded corbu – in a good way, of course.
2. Could this race-against-death be Neimeyer’s swan song?
3. tigers? FIGHTING TIGERS? Life Without Buildings is officially issuing a clarion call for more tigers in architecture! We (i.e. I) shall also continue to support any and all oversized statuary.

You know Castro loves this. I mean he really lurvs it.

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